Welcome to Our Grade Four Class!!!


"There is a difference in not knowing, and not knowing YET!"

Sheila Tobias

Welcome to Grade 4! 

Please sign up to receive information, reminders and events happening in our classroom on the SeeSaw App. More information on this is coming!

This year is going to be very exciting, busy, worthwhile and rewarding for your child! I believe that students should feel safe, cared for and successful at school. I will strive to ensure each student feels successful through engaging, stimulating activities and guided instruction while providing the materials in which to learn in a nurturing and caring environment. 

I am looking forward to getting to know the students who will be in our class, as well as all of the students of Davidson Creek Elementary, this year. 

Please click on the following link to view the "Grade 4 Curriculum at a Glance", to familiarize yourself with what your child will be learning this year. 

Quick Links

Math Text Book

Reading Tips

Prodigy Math and Mathletics

Students each have their own accounts and have weekly assignments to work through. 

Click the link to direct you to the website:  Prodigy Math Mathletics 

RAZ Kids


Teacher Username: Jmikitka1

Student Password: abc

Read Theory

I have signed up the entire class on an online reading comprehension program. It is called Read Theory. The students will read a passage and answer follow up questions. They have the opportunity to improve their reading comprehension skills and advance into higher and more challenging levels. Their progress is tracked and they have access to view their progress reports. Any questions they get incorrect, shows an explanation as to what the correct answer is, and why. I, as the teacher, also have access to view their progress reports and comparison charts. This is a great program, which allows data to be measured and displayed in an easy and informative way. This will be used as another tool for practicing in a comprehension testing environment. 

The program can be found here:


I have launched Google Classroom for our class. It is an interactive webpage designed to assist your child with their studies. There are individual classrooms for Science and Social Studies. Students have the ability to work on many projects directly from their own personal Google drives. It saves automatically and the best part is, they can work on it in class and at home, I can view it and offer comments and guidance and students can also work on group work by sharing projects with each other.   

I will post homework and add any powerpoints, videos, work-booklets, worksheets, study guides and links to awesome curricular based websites that we use or view in class.  

Simply go to Click "sign in" at the top right corner.